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Focused on identifying & optimising repairing factors

Micregen has a unique understanding of how stem cells can be manipulated to produce potent stem cell secretions, known as Secretomix.

Secretomix, as a new class of patent protected products are anticipated to deliver novel therapeutic approaches which are allogeneic, scalable and have application across a wide range of diseases.

Secretomix facilitate cell repair, reduce inflammation, reduce scarring, improve blood flow and generate a pro-regenerative microenvironment across a wide range of organs and tissue types. Micregen believe that their innovative approach has the potential to change the way that multiple critical and chronic problems are managed.

This approach capitalises on the founder's lifetime work, in cutting-edge biological, regenerative medicine, which has already saved lives and world-famous sporting careers, through the novel use of autologous stem cell secretome therapeutics.  


Our Vision

Micregen aim to make a significant impact on global health by offering allogeneic first in class treatment options across multiple inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

Micregen’s immediate aim is to take a novel, first in class therapy MRG1061 to treat orphan neonatal conditions into clinical trials in 2023.

Our long term strategic goal is to develop therapeutics for the treatment of several chronic conditions to enable 'healthy-ageing'.

Micregen believe that by avoiding the risks of whole cell transplant, graft versus host disease and the other challenges associated with the development of current stem cell treatments, there could be a step change in the utility of cell originated therapies.