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Solving a growing global problem

An ageing, unhealthy population is putting a strain on global health services and the number of society's non-productive individuals is increasing.

This will only improve when mankind's general health improves or recovery speed from illness increases and there is sufficient capacity to treat the sick.

Micregen is a biotech company, established in 2015 by leading stem cell scientists to translate their lifetimes work through to the bedside. Developing stem cell derived therapeutics that will significantly improve overall treatment results, speed up patient recovery time and increase patient throughput, saving lives and costs. 


Removing barriers to entry

Our stem cell types are amongst the most widely researched and versatile, with extensive published peer reviewed literature.

The barrier to translating these cells to clinical application is their versatility and immaturity.

Our research focusses on how stem cells mediate regeneration and rejuvenation of organs and ameliorate diseases.

Over twenty five years of stem cell experience has established what activates repair of damaged cells, reduces inflammation and scarring, improves blood flow and generates pro regenerative micro environment in organs.

This experience is helping Micregen to overcome the significant barriers to translate stem cell technology into clinical medicine.