Micregen’s research and pre-clinical development team are led by distinguished scientists. They have published more than 350 papers over a 25 year period. Their research, gaining insights into degenerative mechanisms in numerous diseases has been published in journals including The New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, The British Medical Journal and Lancet. Their research has helped gradually uncover the mechanisms by which stem cell secretions influence disease and decline.

The team have a combined experience of over one hundred years in cell and stem cell research and are at the forefront of research in the field of secretomes.

Dr Steve Ray headshot
Dr Steve Ray, PhD
Chief Scientist

A former Senior Lecturer in Acute & Emergency Care at Oxford Brookes University, Professor of Neuroscience at the Carrick Institute Florida, served as International Scientific Advisor to major South African and Swiss stem cell clinics and cell banks.​

Steve has extensive experience in the clinical application of stem cell secretomes that extends over twenty eight years. He has presented over one hundred papers at international scientific conferences with nineteen as the keynote speaker. He has already translated his research through to proven clinical practice.

Prof. Ketan Patel headshot
Prof. Ketan Patel, PhD
Director of Research & Development

Professor of Regenerative Medicine & Head of Molecular and Cellular Medicine University of Reading, Adjunct Professor at Eppendorf University Clinic, Germany.

​Ketan has over twenty-five years research experience working on stem cells with the key aim of utilising stem cells to treat human diseases. Pioneering work in the field of muscular dystrophy and identified key proteins that control cell fate process; i.e. when a stem cell makes the decision of whether to remain as a stem cell or to embark on tissue repair programme.​

Identifying the mechanisms supporting muscle development and muscle stem cell migration, key properties in mediating tissue repair. Such that he has developed novel procedures to generate cell free reagents that show unprecedented tissue repair properties.

Prof. Paolo De Coppi headshot
Prof. Paolo De Coppi, MD PhD
Senior Consultant

Professor of Paediatric Surgery at University College London & Great Ormond Street Hospital. Divisional Head at The Institute for Child Health.​

Paolo is an eminent Paediatric surgeon, originally of Boston Children’s Hospital in the USA.

He is a founder of Micregen and leading the transition of Micregen’s MRG1061 for the necrotising enterocolitis indication through clinical trials.

Dr Robert Mitchell headshot
Dr Robert Mitchell PhD
Senior Researcher

Rob obtained his PhD at the University of Reading with his thesis specialising upon the regenerative capabilities of the adult stem cell secretome, with a particular emphasis of its effect on skeletal muscle. During this work, he developed a platform of assays that are able to measure the effects that different stem cell secretomes have upon key aspects of tissue regeneration.  ​

Prior to working towards his PhD, Rob worked for several years as a Production Biologist at a leading chemical company, manufacturing and developing a wide range of chemicals from their constituent materials.​

Rob has worked with Steve and Ketan for over nine years.